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Gasthaus Albisgütli Uetliberg, Zurich ZH

Enjoy the delicious food at Albisgütli combined with a great event outside in the light of torches.


Focus on the flickering light as you draw your bow. As soon as it gets dark, shoot your arrows through the night.
Crossbow shooting will be the talk of all your events. Do it like Wilhelm Tell and aim for the middle of the apple target.
Who has what it takes to be a farmer? Show your skills in typical Swiss stations.

Let the Ice Melt: Under expert guidance, you will create ephemeral works of art out of ice in small teams.

“If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf." – Bob Hope, American comedian

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Albisgütli inn

The Albisgütli Schützenhaus has stood at the foot of the Uetliberg since 1839 with a unique view of the city of Zurich, the lake and the mountains. At the beginning of 2020, after a 9-month renovation, the restaurant reopened under the name Gasthaus Albisgütli.

Come in and discover the newly created world of experience for all senses, in which traditions and treasures have been preserved, but also the modern and uncomplicated find their place.

The Gasthaus Albisgütli is a restaurant, event location, conference location and excursion destination all in one. Both the young and old can relax here - in summer on the cozy garden terrace with playground, pétanque and tower of life, in winter in the atmospheric restaurant with lounge. Look forward to a place of encounter and hospitality.

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Gasthaus Albisgütli Uetliberg