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Raclette buffet in the Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln with an innovative ball game

Enjoy an Christmas event with excitement with the Lucerne ball game and culinary highlights in one.

  • Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln

    Silent moors, lush hills, a mystical high-altitude landscape, cosy farms, alpine meadows, the idyllic Lake Sihl. And of course the world famous Baroque monastery with its “Black Madonna”. This is Einsiedeln and in the middle of this impressive landscape you will find the Milchmanufaktur Einsiedeln.

  • Nosyphos

    A bullet game, which is supposed to play during a workshop or at your Christmas party as a diverse entertainment. Automatically and playfully you get in contact with other persons because you should discuss with each other any decision concerning the game. You may use a long-term strategy, but in the end coincidence will decide who is going to win.

  • The culinary highlight

    Bouillion with parsley and vegetables

    Raclette Buffe à discrétion to melt yourself. With various raclette cheese from Einsiedeln, Potatoes, pickled appples and vinegar vegetables, tomatoes, bacon and onions

    Caramel flan with cream

Suitable for

Indoor, Outdoor


All material for the ball game, guidance and organisation by eventerlebnis and the menu

Options / tips

The menu can be adjusted to your wishes


Luzern / Zug / Schwyz / Engelberg

Not included

Arrival / departure journey of group

Special Clothing

Casual clothes (if you want to be outside, then you will need warm clothes)

Informations to the Offer

10 up to 60 persons up to 10 persons (Delux)

(Larger groups on request)

Other requirements

nothing special

Time needed

2 up to 4 hours



Price (CHF)

All prices per person excl. 7.7% VAT

CHF 150.00
CHF 160.00 (for 10-20 persons)

Request - Milchmanufaktur SZ

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