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The tunnel

Blind man’s buff – an experiment for the team

  • Adventurous crossing

    You’re sure to never have done this before! Before you take up this very special challenge you should coordinate with each other. You will look into the tunnel and, after the slight bend, will see only darkness. No aids (light!) will be provided for the crossing!

  • Zero visibility

    Soon you will be edging and feeling your way forwards and, with each step, will go further into the tunnel. How far does it go? You may perhaps stop, change direction or continue with curiosity. Your perception will be spurred on and the team members will be put to the test as they have to face uncertainty, stress and fear and act with intuition. However, despite the difficult conditions, you will lead the team to the finish – an extra special experience!

  • And another thing…

    Over sensitive or nervous individuals should think twice about taking part in this activity! In the tunnel you can expect many surprises – we’re not saying any more at this point. What is very important is that you follow the instructions of the guide very carefully and are fully open to this otherwise things may get a little uncomfortable for you. Although you will be “indoors” in the tunnel, this is a classic outdoor activity. By the way, you won’t encounter any trains, cars, cyclists, pedestrians or similar in the tunnel as it is no longer in use and closed. We can’t wait! How about you?

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All materials, well experienced guides by eventerlebnis

Options / tips

Could be combined with team games, archery or raft building. The Kerenzerberg high plateau is also not far away – after a short walk (or car journey) along the historic Walsaweg path, you can add further items to the activity. You would rather walk downhill? Then why not start on the Kerenzerberg and complete the tunnel at the end instead of at the beginning. If you are hungry, there is a nice restaurant.



Not included

Arrival / departure journey of group

Special Clothing

Casual clothes (not too nice/smart), rain/waterproof jacket and change of clothes for after the activity.

Informations to the Offer

4 up to 20 participants

(Larger groups on request)

Other requirements

Nothing in particular

Time needed

1 up to 2 hours


Spring, Summer, Autumn

Price (CHF)

All prices per person excl. 7.7% VAT

from CHF 50.00

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