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Suitable for
  Outdoor Short time event Spring Summer Autumn

Place(s) / Regions
  Place Whole Switzerland

Offer / Inquiries
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Informations to the Offer
  Group size 10 to 200

Time needed 2 to 4 hours

April to November

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 90.00 / Pers.

Find out the exact price

All materials, documents, GPS devices, beautiful crystal for the winning team, aperitif.

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group

The activity will be customised to suit your group. It can include a range of items/points and is suitable for both small and large groups. If you have enough time, one item/point of the hunt could also include lunch or a snack (which you have to pay for with crystals …).

Casual clothing, sturdy shoes and rain/waterproof jacket

Other requirements
Nothing in particular / enjoyment in movement/exercise.

  All Year  Indoor  Outdoor

GPS treasure hunt

Where are the precious crystals hidden? This top GPS game is sure to test you!

Strategy and tactics
After an in-depth briefing you and your team will set off on your way – but which path do you want to take?! Steer your adventurous spirit in the right direction – weigh up and discuss with your team how you want to proceed. The goal: to collect as many of the precious hidden crystals as possible in the given time. You will be equipped with a programmed GPS device, map and item description to help you find the crystals as well as your own knowledge and intuition which will certainly be put to the test!

Risks and obstacles
Here you can not only win, which would be nice , but you must also carefully assess the risks as at some points where there is an increased chance of finding a crystal you may also lose them or will have to pay for certain “services”. How much treasure you find or lose depends entirely on you! In addition, there will also be other skill and knowledge tests to complete before you reach the finish. But, attention: if you’re late at the finish, it will cost you! At the end, the best treasure hunting team will be determined and the ranking will begin – will you be amongst the top?

Just take a look

gps-treasure-hunt company event gps-treasure-hunt company event gps-treasure-hunt company event gps-treasure-hunt company event

And another thing …

This adventurous and exciting outdoor activity is perfect as a team competition. Everyone can join in. A nice added bonus: you will gain an insight into some unfamiliar spots and beautiful areas of the region through which the treasure hunt takes you (whole of Switzerland). And, as you will be moving around a lot, it will also boost your fitness which means you can save a trip to the gym!

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