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Suitable for
  Outdoor Autumn Winter

Place(s) / Regions
  Place Whole Switzerland

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Informations to the Offer
  Group size 5 to 60

Time needed 1 to 3 hours

All year

Price (CHF)
excl. 8.0% VAT
from 45.00 CHF / Pers.

Find out the exact price

All required materials, fondue – as much as you can eat (our own special fondue recipe), bread, fruit, dessert, drinks (mineral water plain and sweet, coffee, tea), event supervision by one of our guides.

Not included:
Arrival / departure journey of group, any room rental, alcoholic beverages

Should any of the participants have a cheese allergy, we can supply alternative foods.

Special clothing

Other requirements
Nothing in particular

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Milk-churn fondue −
Outdoor without annoying smoke

How about a forest fondue, or a full-moon fondue, or an adventure fondue? An outdoor fondue offers a truly memorable experience.

In the forest or at a location of your choice
Savour a mouth-watering cheese fondue outdoors in the forest. A winter highlight for clubs, companies, birthday celebrations. At dusk and when it’s dark, our milk-churn fondue offers a unique, romantic outdoor experience at a location of your choice anywhere in Switzerland. Some fantastic site suggestions include beside a house in the woods, on a farm, in a garden or on your company’s grounds – wherever you choose, we come to you with our milk-churn fondue!

Fondue pot
The fire in the milk churn melts the cheese and warms the fondue without any smoke to disturb you whilst eating in the setting of your choice.

The perfect finish to your event
Enjoy lots of fun with a Farm Olympics, a ‘Swissness’ Day, a snowshoe tour or an archery contest by torchlight and afterwards, to add the perfect finish, savour an unforgettable outdoor fondue out of the milk churn!

Just take a look

Milk-churn fondue Milk-churn fondue Milk-churn fondue Milk-churn fondue

And another thing...

We supply everything: Milk churns and extra long forks so nobody’s fingers get burned and a special fondue apron in which you can keep your bread and wine glass and have your hands free.

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