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Simple horse ride

Have you ever dreamt of riding across the meadows and hills on a good natured and safe horse?


Before you swing yourself up on the saddle there is quite a bit to prepare: grooming, hoof cleaning, saddling and, of course, getting to know your new companion. He is just as curious as you are!

Enjoy the ride

Now you will set off... are you a little nervous? Don't worry, you're sure to easily manage the hilly and varied terrain of the Toggenburg with your good natured horse or pony and will love the view from being on horseback. It's sure to bring back memories of Black Beauty...!

And another thing...

The horses are mainly Freiberger − these are good natured work horses which have many years experience of being ridden in such events. Even if the horses aren't always commanded correctly, they will not take it to heart and will usually still take you in the right direction. A riding instructor will accompany you throughout and beginner's horses will be guided by hand. You will practice various step and trotting styles and will acquire the riding basics. More advanced riders will be allowed to gallop. In larger groups, you will take it in turns to ride and lead the horse &mnus; this also encourages mutual trust. Handling the animals requires respect and patience but those who bring this with them will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience.

Suitable for



St. Gallen / Rheinthal

Informations to the Offer

5 up to 10 persons

(Larger groups on request)

Time needed

2 up to 3 hours


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
All year

Price (CHF)

All prices per person excl. 7.7% VAT
from CHF 95.00


Horses / ponies, further materials, expert guidance and instruction.

Not included

Arrival / departure journey of group

Other requirements

Nothing in particular, Joy on animals

Options / tips

Stop off for a break during your ride and enjoy a down to earth meal e.g. campfire barbecue, outdoors in nature, or a barbecue get-together at the farmhouse. The horse ride may also be combined with other event elements e.g. Archery or Team games.

Special Clothing

Summer: casual clothing (with which it doesn't matter if it gets dirty), rain/waterproof jacket (possibly also waterproof trousers). Winter: warm casual clothing (not new or too smart!), warm shoes, hat and gloves, scarf

Request - Horse ride

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