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Forge your own barbecue skewer and try it out while enjoying a barbecue.

Make a skewer or a forceps and use this grill tool afterwards at the BBQ fun and enjoy the tasty buffet.

Fascinating insights

First you will put on protective clothing (protective glasses, gloves and an apron) before you get to work. Each participant will be given a square bar which they will then hammer into a round skewer using a hammer and anvil. In doing so, you will create your very own barbecue skewer in only a few steps. Alternatively, you can also make a horseshoe or barbecue tongs − either way, you will still be part of the barbecue get-together. Whilst you're trying your hand at this new trade, the blacksmith will tell you interesting things about his craft and offer fascinating insights into the everyday work of a smithy.

BBQ − a year round favourite

After the work is done, the indulgence can begin! The BBQ will be prepared and the participants can put their meat and vegetable pieces from the generous buffet straight onto their own made skewers and then put them to the test. Incidentally, the culinary treats also promise to be quite a highlight.

And another thing...

If the weather is bad, the barbecue can be held indoors which is why this activity is also popular as a Christmas dinner for employees or customers.

Suitable for

Indoor, Outdoor


Area lake Zurich

Informations to the Offer

5 up to 50 persons
up to 10 persons (Delux)
(Larger groups on request)

Time needed

- up to 4 hours


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
All year

Price (CHF)

All prices per person excl. 7.7% VAT
from CHF 220.00


All forging materials (iron, tools, equipment etc), safety clothing (gloves, protective eyewear and apron etc), rental of the smithy with anvil and hearth, supervision by the blacksmith, soft drinks, barbecue and generous buffet.

Not included

Arrival / departure journey of group, alcohlic beverages

Other requirements

Nothing in particular, an enjoyment of hammering/forging and a good appetite for afterwards!

Options / tips

If you would like to forge a sculpture (without barbecue get-together), try Team forging.

Special Clothing

Casual clothing (preferably old and worn/nothing smart or new!), possibly also rain/waterproof jacket

Request - Forge barbecue skewer

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