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Exotic cookery course (for example ahi poke bowl)

You´ll think you´re in paradise with our Hawaiian recipes.

Pacific cuisine

Traditional Hawaiian food used to mean mainly fish and poi (a puree out of taro root). The Luau, the typical Hawaiian festive meal, is also very popular. The main dish of the Luau is always the "kalua pig" or pork cooked in an underground oven. A hole is made in the earth for the oven in which a whole pig, wrapped with moist banana leaves, is placed over lavastone embers. The pit is then covered and the pork left to cook for 4 to 8 hours. Our cook will show you how to prepare a shoulder of pork, also without an underground oven.

Fresh products

The 50th state of the USA is a very special one: an island group which is located about 2,000 kilometres from the mainland in the middle of the Pacific with a very special Polynesian-Asian cuisine. Hawaiian regional cuisine uses very fresh ingredients which are all available from the islands: the distances from the farms or ports to the restaurants are always short and the balanced, tropical climate here ensures that everything flourishes − and this at almost any time of the year. The ranches of Big Island supply succulent steaks and its plantations excellent coffee (Kona coffee is world famous). The farms in the Maui highland provide wonderfully mild onions and tropical fruits such as pineapple, papayas, guavas, mangos, bananas and lychees are cultivated on all the islands and taste much better than the ones available in our supermarkets which have travelled half way around the world in chilled containers to get here.

And another thing...

The Hawaiian fish dishes sometimes need a little explanation as the fish is often sold with the Hawaiian name and even the American way of writing this can be a little confusing. The most popular Hawaiian fish, the mahimahi is, for example, called dolphin fish in America but this doesn't mean the intelligent marine mammal but, instead, a delicious ray-finned fish or dorado. Ono is a large predatory fish from the cero mackerel family and also very popular in Hawaii. Ono also means good and delicious and with this you express your satisfaction of the good food. Fish burgers are also often referred to as ono burgers which doesn't always mean that ono is actually in it.
A hapuupuu is sea bass and an aku, a bonito tuna fish; kumu is a goatfish and an ahi is a yellow fin tuna fish. Equally tasty is the tombo, the white tuna fish. Hawaiian fish from the snapper family, meanwhile, are opakapaka (pink) and onaga (red). A'uku (swordfish/marlin) and mano (shark) are also popular.


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Zurich, Thurgau, Sargans / Bad Ragaz / Chur, Winterthur / Frauenfeld, St. Gallen / Rheinthal, Luzern / Zug / Schwyz / Engelberg, Appenzell, Glarus, Aargau, Area lake Zurich, Basel, Ticino, Solothurn, Berner Oberland, Whole Switzerland, Wallis, Graubünden

Informations to the Offer

6 up to 40 persons

(Larger groups on request)

Time needed

3 up to 4 hours


Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Price (CHF)

All prices per person excl. 7.7% VAT
from 150.00


All materials, hire of the kitchen, four course menu with recipes, supervision by experts (the chef worked in one of the best restaurants in Waikiki for more than 3 years)

Not included

Arrival / departure journey of group to the venue

Other requirements

Nothing in particular

Options / tips

The team cooking can also be combined with various outdoor events to create a good combination of indoor and outdoor activities

Special Clothing


Request - Exotic cooking

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