• Is a team event a good idea?

    Your team has seen each other virtually for a long time. They kept working, but somehow the team spirit has diminished a bit. Take the opportunity to bring your team back together and master / do / create something together. Write to us using the contact form for a specific event, or arrange a telephone […]

  • Christmas Treasure Hunt

    After an in-depth briefing you and your team will set off on your way – but which path do you want to take?! Steer your adventurous spirit in the right direction – weigh up and discuss with your team how you want to proceed. The goal: to collect as many of the precious hidden santa […]

  • Atmospheric Nighttime Archery

    Experience archery under the starry sky in the warm light of the torches and warm up by the campfire. After a detailed briefing you can test your accuracy. Click here for more information.

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