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General Terms and conditions (2024/02)

We are pleased that you are interested in an offer from eventerlebnis. Upon receipt of the booking, a contract is created between the organizer eventerlebnis GmbH (hereinafter referred to as eventerlebnis) and you (hereinafter referred to as the customer). We therefore ask you to read the following general terms and conditions carefully.

1. Contract 
Contracts can be concluded in writing, electronically (e-mail or fax) or in person with eventerlebnis or its sales agents. Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, the contractual relationship between the customer and eventerlebnis begins. For the implementation of the event, eventerlebnis may enter into subcontracts with partners and third-party providers.

2. Object of the contract
eventerlebnis is obligated to provide the services offered according to the descriptions contained in the confirmation you receive for the requested event (by e-mail). Special requests can be considered after consultation with eventerlebnis. Any additional costs will be charged to the customer.

3. Conclusion of the contract
By signing the event confirmation or through booking by e-mail, the customer confirms that he is aware of the general terms and conditions of contract and business of eventerlebnis and accepts them. From this point on, the rights and obligations under the contract become effective for the customer and eventerlebnis.

4. Prices
The service descriptions published by eventerlebnis (e.g. on the internet or in the sales documents) do not constitute binding offers on the part of eventerlebnis. They provide information about the services of eventerlebnis and make it easier for the customer to submit a specific enquiry to eventerlebnis. The price is quoted in CHF excl. VAT.
In the corresponding offer or confirmation you will see all the services that are included at the event. Information about changes in the number of participants can be reported by the customer to the booking office in writing, at least 72 hours before the start of the event. A maximum of 10% of the confirmed number of participants will be accepted. In any case, the customer is obligated to pay the agreed or newly agreed price after receipt of the report, even if fewer people than registered take part in the event. Price changes and price adjustments by eventerlebnis are possible at any time. There is no access to third-party invoices/receipts.

5. Terms of payment and invoicing
When booking an event for private groups as well as individuals, the full amount will be invoiced immediately at the time of booking. Companies will receive an invoice after the event, to be paid within 15 days without deduction. For last-minute bookings, new customers, or large groups, eventerlebnis may require an advance payment. Other payment methods (e.g. cash payment) is only possible after prior written agreement and is not available for all programs.
Invoices for ordered vouchers are to be paid in any case like last-minute, definitive bookings (even in the event of cancellation). A payment period of 5 days applies. The vouchers will then be delivered. Issued vouchers will only be valid after receipt of payment. Vouchers that have not been paid in full will not be redeemed.
Adjustments and address changes of invoices that have already been sent as well as invoice splits with more than 2 addresses will be charged an additional administrative fee of CHF 30.00 per order.
We will send payment reminders free of charge by e-mail, we will charge CHF 30.00 for the 1st reminder by post, and an additional CHF 50.00 for the 2nd reminder. We then take legal action.

6. Change of program 
Our events take place in all weather conditions. Adjustments may be necessary due to natural events, weather, or force majeure. By registering, the customer agrees to possible weather-related changes to the program. The booked program as well as any additional costs will be charged to the customer. The customer is not entitled to any compensation as a result of postponement or modification of the offers. For subsequent postponements or program changes of a booked event on the part of the customer, at least CHF 100.00 per change will be due, depending on the effort.

7. Cancellation, partial cancellation and rebooking 
A cancellation or change of the date of the booked event by the customer must be notified to eventerlebnis in writing, stating the reason. The cancellation is only legally valid upon confirmation by eventerlebnis. Any documents already received (tickets, detailed programs) must be returned by the customer via registered letter before the event.

In the event of withdrawal from the contract, eventerlebnis is entitled to the following compensation from the customer:
Cancellation up to 60 days before the event 20% of the total price
Cancellation 59 to 30 days before the event 50% of the total price
Cancellation 29 to 14 days before the event 75% of the total price
Cancellation 13 to 4 days before the event 90% of the total price
Cancellation 3 days until the start of the event 100% of the total price
In any case, a minimum amount of CHF 300.00 will be charged.
The preparatory work carried out up to the date of cancellation will be charged according to expenditure in accordance with the rates under point 17. Purchased third-party services will be billed 1:1.
In the case of third-party services, the cancellation conditions of the respective service providers apply.

The decisive factor for determining the calculation of the cancellation date is the arrival of the written cancellation at eventerlebnis, its employees or service providers.

If the customer does not show up for the booked event or arrives late, he owes the entire price. Any additional costs incurred due to the postponement or late arrival of the customer shall be borne by the customer. Waiting times are free of charge for 30 minutes, after which the costs will be invoiced according to point 17.

If the minimum number of participants is not reached for group bookings, the offered minimum price, or the minimum flat rate applies.

Most activities for individuals require a minimum number of participants. If this number is not reached, eventerlebnis can cancel the activity at short notice. If the customer does not wish to rebook any of the alternative activities offered to him, the payments made will be refunded minus the services already used.

The activity may be cancelled by eventerlebnis if participants give legitimate cause for it through their actions. In this case, the event will be charged as offered.

In the event of a change in the time or the booked services by the customer (= rebooking), the above cancellation provisions apply. A minimum of CHF 100.00 is charged for each change. In addition, the customer is obliged to reimburse the additional costs incurred by eventerlebnis for permits, space or room rentals, wage costs of the guides, reservation fees, etc.

7.1. Epidemic / pandemic / emergency law
eventerlebnis adheres to the regulations/measures of the Federal Council and the FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health). In the event of an officially ordered event ban, the event will be postponed free of charge. The new date will be communicated by the customer to eventerlebnis within a year. In case of cancellation of the event, we refer to point 7.

8. Schedules/times
If the customer arrives at the location of the event more than 30 minutes later than previously confirmed, these additional hours will be charged retrospectively. The same applies if the customer wants to extend the event by more than 1 hour at short notice. The extra hours will be invoiced in accordance with point 17. Additional costs for room or vehicle rentals will be invoiced according to the actual additional costs.

9. Termination of the event by the customer 
In the event of termination or early departure from the event, no refund will be made. Any additional costs will be borne by the customer. Please also note point 13 Complaints.

10. Cancellation conditions on the part of the organizer 
If there are reasons (e.g. force majeure, riots, strikes) or circumstances that could lead to a risk to life, eventerlebnis can withdraw from the contract at short notice. Any payment made will then be refunded minus the benefits already claimed. Further claims are excluded.

11. Insurance
The participants are not insured by eventerlebnis. The participant undertakes to provide sufficient and valid insurance coverage (accident and health insurance). These insurances must be secured by the participant himself. Although we offer the customer an optimal arrangement, accidents can never be completely ruled out during occasions and events. eventerlebnis assumes no liability for this. Participation is at your own risk.

12. Conditions of participation
Good health is a prerequisite for all events. Participants undertake to inform eventerlebnis about any health problems, allergies, disabilities, or other important points (e.g. non-swimmers).

Participation in an event under the strong influence of drugs, alcohol (blood alcohol level of over 0.5), psychotropic drugs or the like is not permitted.

It is the customer's duty to adhere to the terms and conditions of participation and to strictly follow the instructions of eventerlebnis, the guides and assistants. If a participant does not comply with these conditions of participation in relation to drugs, alcohol, and psychotropic drugs or if he does not follow the instructions, eventerlebnis reserves the right to exclude him from the event. In case of exclusion, the cancellation regulations apply. The customer is not entitled to a refund.

12.1 Terms and Conditions of participation in Segway Tours
At the beginning of the Segway-Tour event, the customer signs a declaration regarding safety and liability in the use of the Segway PT as part of the contract. In the event of a liability claim, a deductible of CHF 300.00 can be claimed from the insurance company.

13. Complaints
Complaints that are not immediately reported to the event manager of eventerlebnis on site cannot be dealt with later. Any complaints or damage suffered must be reported to the event manager immediately in writing and must be confirmed by him. However, the event manager is not authorized to honor claims on behalf of eventerlebnis. He will endeavor to remedy the situation within the framework of the program and its possibilities. Claims for damages must be submitted to eventerlebnis within a period of four weeks after the end of the activity in writing, by registered letter. The confirmation of the event leader as well as any evidence must be enclosed with this letter. In the event of late submission of the claim or in the event of omitted or too late objection during the event, all claims shall be forfeited.

14. Liability and compensation for damage 
eventerlebnis undertakes to its customers to prepare and carry out the activities conscientiously and professionally.

a) General
eventerlebnis reimburses the customer for the cancellation of agreed services or the additional expenses, insofar as it was not possible for the respective guide to offer equivalent replacements on the spot. The liability of eventerlebnis is limited to direct damage up to a maximum of the amount of the package price. No liability is accepted for program changes due to train, bus, or flight delays. In particular, eventerlebnis is not liable for changes in the program that are due to force majeure, natural disasters, strikes, official measures or delays and cancellations of third parties, for which eventerlebnis is not responsible.

b) Hazards, weather
By booking, the customer acknowledges the risks associated with outdoor as well as indoor event participation. Even highly qualified mountain guides and other guides are not infallible within the scope of the duty of care. In terrain away from marked paths, he is confronted with borderline areas that are never fully controllable. eventerlebnis is not liable for subjective successes and not for the weather. Claims are excluded in these cases.

c) Third party providers
eventerlebnis is entitled to use third-party services for the optimal provision of services. This is done in automatic agreement with the customer. eventerlebnis is not liable for the acts, omissions or omissions of third-party providers.

d) Property damage
If eventerlebnis is liable for property, the liability for damages is limited to twice the price of the arrangement, subject to the limitations of liability in international conventions.

e) Negligence
eventerlebnis will be excluded from any liability in case of non-compliance with instructions given by eventerlebnis, its employees or service providers. eventerlebnis is liable for the actions, failure, or negligence of its guides, insofar as these are job-related activities that are necessary for the provision of the booked service.

f) General
The above statements do not constitute a general acknowledgement of liability.

15. Material losses / material defects
Losses of materials such as headlamps, GPS, sledges, bicycle helmets, etc. will be charged. Material damage caused by improper use will be charged.

16. Marketing / Images
The booking is considered as an agreement that eventerlebnis may use photos of the events for marketing and advertising purposes.

17. Hourly rates
The following rates are charged for billing according to expenditure:
Event Leader / Event Manager: CHF 90.00 / h
Office, administration: CHF 80.00 / h
Guide: CHF 60.00 / hour

Cost by car: CHF 1.50 / km

18. Modifications of the General Terms and Conditions
eventerlebnis reserves the right to amend the General Terms and Conditions at any time. In each case, the version valid at the time of conclusion of the contract is decisive.

19. Spelling 
For an optimal reading experience, we use masculine pronouns in this writing. This does not exclude persons of other genders or gender expressions. Thank you for your understanding.

20. Severability Clause 
Should individual provisions of this contract prove to be invalid, ineffective, or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity, effectiveness and performance of the remaining parts of the contract.

In this case, the parties undertake to replace the invalid, ineffective or unenforceable part of the contract with a valid, effective, and enforceable provision that comes closest to the original intention of the parties in terms of content.

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) Edition 2024 have been revised and updated. The new contract is valid for all bookings from March 2024 onwards. The terms and conditions are available in German and English. In case of doubt, the German version shall apply.

21. Jurisdiction 
For all disputes, regardless of the nationality of the customer and where the place of damage is located, Swiss courts have exclusive jurisdiction. The place of jurisdiction is Wollerau.

22. Event Company 
eventerlebnis GmbH
Wollerauerstrasse 43
8834 Schindellegi (Switzerland)
+41 55 508 24 99
F +41 55 508 24 98

Postfinance account
Account Holder: eventerlebnis GmbH
Account no.: 87-354664-2
IBAN: CH54 0900 0000 8735 4664 2
VAT no.: CHE-425.642.085 VAT