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Foundational stone

The first event was held in 1999. Rappelling at the Römerturm as a seminar supporting program of the “Kerenzer Parcourswahn”. The first group event took place in 2000 with over 60 participants and a hike in Braunwald with the “blue wonder”.

First Milestone

On June 15, 2001, Thomas Pfenninger registered the company erlebnisberg Firmenevents into the commercial register. Together with Claudia Müller, he developed original offers, designed the homepage and expanded the warehouse.

Rolling Stone

From 2002 to 2005, more and more orders came in and the company grew steadily. Not only did the number of bookings increase, but also the tasks and the associated expectations. With Jack Leuzinger and Elena Weiler, two experienced and committed team members joined erlebnisberg. This part of the company’s history was “rolling” in the truest sense. Sometimes the ball rolled a little faster than intended, but everyone always had a lot of fun offering customers great events.

Structured stone

In 2008, erlebnisberg reached its capacity limits and a change was necessary. Both the infrastructure and internal processes were revised and reorganized. Germaine Antonietti joined the now large team and helped shape the change towards professionalization.

Pioneering stone

In spring 2013, Thomas Pfenninger decided to sell his company's event division to Germaine Antonietti. He is someone who prefers to be outdoors and in nature. He continues to share this passion with customers via erlebnisberg. He was always available to help the newly founded company with his knowledge and commitment. From now on the event sector is run under the name eventerlebnis GmbH under the management of Germaine Antonietti with the long-standing, proven team.

Celebrating stone

At the end of September / beginning of October 2019, eventerlebnis GmbH celebrated its 20th anniversary with partner events in Basel, Lucerne and Zurich. Partners from seminar hotels and tourism offices were able to try out the games that they had been happily recommending to their customers for years. Now they were able to talk first-hand about how our events work.

Mask-wearing stone

Of course, the pandemic also affected eventerlebnis. Despite everything, with rules and safety measures in place, we were able to hold a few events and bring our customers together outdoors. After the pandemic, we were quickly back in full swing and were happy to be able to host all kinds of events again.

Growing stone

Strengthened by an expansion of the office, eventerlebnis GmbH is now even better positioned to organize wonderful events for its customers as a proven team building event planner. We are proud to always create a suitable occasion for both regular customers and companies who are working with us for the first time.

A stone with a new style

We have dedicated 2023 to rebranding eventerlebnis as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2024! The new look brings fresh energy and new ideas to the team. We are pleased to be able to present this new website to you and to host many more events with you.

eventerlebnis GmbH

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