17 events

Go on a snowshoe hike and then enjoy dinner in the beautiful Klöntal.

Enjoy the brilliant challenge, guiding both people and animals.

A great snowshoe hike with fondue fun. Urnerboden – deep in the mountains and yet so easily accessible.

Glide through the landscape: An enjoyable city or country tour with the original, single-axle electric personal transporters.

Glide through the wintry landscape on a snowmobile. Lots of action and a big grin are guaranteed! The event takes place in Engelberg (OW).

with the ease of a “top athlete”. Our experienced guide will guide you along fantastic routes.

Snowshoe fun, delicious fondue and a great sleigh ride. A great event with activity, fun and coziness.

Snowshoeing through the fairytale forest and then to the inn for a raclette or fondue party.

Simple snowshoe hike with fondue and sledging.

Going on a full moon tour in the snow is an experience you will never forget!

You saw brick after brick to build your white home. With good perseverance and a little skill you can build your own igloo. This event takes place in Engelberg. Select Obwalden below.

The treasure hunt with GPS-Geocaching is an adventure, and leads you through the relaxing nature. Answer questions, search for crystals and solve tasks in a team.

Enjoy the delicious cheese fondue outdoors. At dusk and dark the milk can fondue becomes a cozy outdoor event at a location of your choice in the whole of Switzerland

Experience team spirit and comfort in one package during the special Winter Olympics.

Then test your raft yourself on your maiden voyage. Raft building is a great nature and team experience with a breeze of fresh air.

Life on the Alp: Milk a cow, ride a mule and learn how Swiss Alpine cheese is made. This event is only possible in Filzbach (GL).

The Christmas treasure hunt with GPS-Geocaching is an adventure, and leads you through relaxing nature. Answer questions, search for Santa's boots and solve tasks as a Team.