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First forge your grill skewer with which you can then enjoy a BBQ.

Forge the iron while it is hot. A team experience with lasting value. With our mobile forge, we will come to you.

This will weld your team together and a lasting memory will be created.

Rhythm connects! Each participant listens attentively, acts, reacts, and brings their individuality into it and simultaneously stays a part of the group. Everyone has the same goal – the total composition.

with grill skewers for the BBQ you can enjoy at your company address, forest hut or in your own garden.

Under expert guidance, small teams create ephemeral works of art made of ice.

Communicate playfully with the magic cube!

The musicians greet you with some pieces to set the mood. Then it's your turn: look forward to being up close and getting a chance to play this world-famous instrument. The sound is very special and amazing to hear in person.