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Forsthaus Bremgarten, Bremgarten AG

Are you looking for a suitable place in the forest? Then the Forsthaus Bremgarten might be just right. We will take care of the catering and will also ensure a cozy atmosphere.


Focus on the flickering light as you draw your bow. As soon as it gets dark, shoot your arrows through the night.
Crossbow shooting will be the talk of all your events. Do it like Wilhelm Tell and aim for the middle of the apple target.
Who has what it takes to be a farmer? Show your skills in typical Swiss stations.
Let the Ice Melt: Under expert guidance, you will create ephemeral works of art out of ice in small teams.

We will organize a treasure hunt in or around the house at the location of your choice with lots of little gifts. No one goes home empty-handed.

First work, then enjoyment: Forge your barbecue skewer and then enjoy a well-deserved BBQ.

“If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf." – Bob Hope, American comedian

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Forsthaus Bremgarten

The forester's house has rooms suitable for disabled people and can accommodate a maximum of 102 people (in the main room) or a maximum of 18 people (in the side room). As soon as you enter the building, you will find the spacious cloakrooms in the entrance foyer. The forester's house is equipped with underfloor heating, hot water, toilets (ladies, men, IV), fireplace (no barbecue facilities) and generous electrical installations (including Euro sockets for large appliances).

The kitchen also leaves nothing to be desired. You have a stove, oven, industrial dishwasher, freezer, 2 refrigerators (1 additional refrigerator in the adjoining room), a complete range of dishes for 100 people and 4 capsule machines for coffee at your disposal.

The large outdoor area with a drinking water fountain and a fireplace with 2 grill stations invites you to linger with its various seating options, as does the covered outdoor area (under the roof) with water and electricity connections for the outdoor area. There are also banquet furniture for a maximum of 80 people. Parking spaces are available at the forester's house.

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Forsthaus Bremgarten