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Seminar Hotel Lihn, Filzbach GL

The Lihn seminar hotel is located high above Lake Walen. You can enjoy your Christmas event with a view of the lake. If required and subject to availability, additional rooms can be booked. With plenty of space around the house, we can also offer you a wide range of possible activities.


Focus on the flickering light as you draw your bow. As soon as it gets dark, shoot your arrows through the night.
Crossbow shooting will be the talk of all your events. Do it like Wilhelm Tell and aim for the middle of the apple target.
Who has what it takes to be a farmer? Show your skills in typical Swiss stations.
The Christmas treasure hunt with GPS-Geocaching is an adventure, and leads you through relaxing nature. Answer questions, search for Santa's boots and solve tasks as a Team.

Let the Ice Melt: Under expert guidance, you will create ephemeral works of art out of ice in small teams.

We will organize a treasure hunt in or around the house at the location of your choice with lots of little gifts. No one goes home empty-handed.

“If you watch a game, it's fun. If you play it, it's recreation. If you work at it, it's golf." – Bob Hope, American comedian

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Seminar Hotel Lihn

In the Glarus region, in a beautiful location in Filzbach, you will find the perfect conditions for your business stay, seminars, private events or family holidays. Would you like to escape the hectic pace of everyday life? At the Lihn seminar hotel you will find the peace and quiet you need to host a productive seminar and enjoy your holidays.

Various seminar rooms tailored to your needs and the optimal seminar structure offer everything you need to spend productive time during your stay in Filzbach. On the mountain, you will of course have natural light in all rooms.

Let yourself be pampered in the restaurant. The Lihn kitchen delights with a wide variety of regional dishes, vegetarian creations and dessert delicacies. Work and enjoy in a beautiful atmosphere - sustainable, close to nature, socially conscious, ecological and at a fair price.

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Seminar Hotel Lihn